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Marketing Network

Marketing "strategic partner mode"
In line with the principles of network co-construction, resource sharing, risk sharing and mutual benefit, and based on the benefit sharing, the commercial cooperation mode is established. The marketing center of Lino Pharmaceuticals is the platform, and the marketing network of Lino Pharmaceuticals is rapidly established nationwide to adapt to the new situation.
Entry criteria:
▶ Have a certain financial strength, have a self-supporting team, and the number of self-supporting team is not less than 20, there is a certain terminal coverage.
▶ The coverage rate of partner hospitals in grass-roots hospitals shall not be less than 70%; the annual development number of partner hospitals in hospitals above the secondary level shall not be less than 20.
▶ Annual sales shall not be less than 1 million
▶ Identify the corporate culture and breed, and make it the key selling variety.
Partner rights and interests:
▶ The partnership team is supported by leno pharmaceutical marketing and academic promotion.
▶ Enjoy the right of regional priority cooperation in the new listing of Nuo pharmaceutical products
▶ Enjoy the right to participate in leno pharmaceutical equity incentive
▶ Enjoy the dividends of the profits of leno pharmaceutical company
▶ Partners with listing holders'qualifications enjoy the priority of landing production of Rino Pharmaceuticals and can also use the national marketing network of Rino Pharmaceuticals for academic promotion.
Reward and exit mechanism:
▶ Partners whose annual completion rate is below 80% can cancel their partnership qualifications.
▶ The partner award mechanism can be named as the strategic partner of leno pharmaceutical company when the 100% task is completed in a year.
▶ When the new products of Lino Pharmaceuticals are on the market, priority should be given to them and some policy support should be given to them in terms of price and rebate.
▶ The sales volume is 1 million -300 million, the median price is 40%, 3 million -500 million is 45%, 5 million is 50%.
▶ Partners with excess or sales of more than 3 million can enjoy the same policy as above, and then be awarded the award by the President of the Rino Group, and be granted a domestic inspection by the Rino Pharmaceutical Organization.
▶ Partners with sales of more than 5 million give Rino Pharmaceutical Organization overseas visits and visits to Rino Group overseas companies, and give financial support.