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In order to sum up the work experience in 2017

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In order to sum up the work experience in 2017, ensure the completion of the business indicators in 2018, promote the stable development of Rino Pharmaceutical, and commend the advanced individuals an
In order to sum up the work experience in 2017 ,  ensure the completion of the business indicators in 2018, promote the stable development of Rino Pharmaceutical , and commend the advanced individuals and collectives emerging in 2017  ,  Linuo Pharma held the economic work conference and commendation conference in 2018 on February  9  .
At the meeting, the leaders of each functional center of Linuo Pharmal carried out work reports  , summarized the work of the Department in 2017 ,  analyzed the shortcomings and proposed improvement measures, and formulated the work plan and action guidelines for 2018  .
Wang Ziwen, general manager , said that 2017 was a milestone year in the history of Lino Pharmaceutical, a marketing year , a year for the company to expand new marketing ideas, develop new markets and lay the foundation, and a year for the company's employees to meet challenges , withstand trials,  overcome difficulties, and achieve various business indicators. According to the development strategic plan of the Group Management Year in 2018 , Linuo Pharma should learn from bottom to top fine management ; with the help of the Group's overseas platform, introduce new products and technologies , strengthen internal and external marketing management , take business as the main line of marketing, terminal as the core of marketing system, give full play to the clinical direct marketing body . The Department , the third terminal system and the business system have the initiative to escort the targets in 2018 .
Lun Lijun, chairman of the board of directors , affirmed the work of Lino Pharmaceuticals in 2017 ,  saying that 2017 was the year of transformation of Lino Pharmaceuticals. While  changing the strategic planning, he accumulated strength and fulfilled the business targets issued by  the  group. Lino Pharmaceutical has a long way to go in 2018. It is necessary to reform and innovate,  conform to the development trend under the new policy and open up new markets . It is  also  necessary to make unremitting efforts to consolidate  the industrial and technological foundation and make greater contributions to the realization of the Five-Year Plan of the company and the group .
Among the applause and cheers, the opening dance by the middle-level cadres of Linuo Pharma kicked off the commendation  meeting,  with passionate songs like "Sunset " and "We Are Different," comic sketches like "Clear Water River" and "Unexpected" with laughter and laughter, and the cheerful dance of "Three Little Bears" by the top management team . All of these programs were compiled and performed by the staff of Linuo Pharma. At the same time, the program honored the advanced individuals and groups who had done outstanding work in the year  of 2017. Finally, the grand ceremony of Linuo Pharma Annual Meeting was successfully concluded in the song "Family in Love" .