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Commodity nameDing Kang
General-purpose nameFluoxetine Hydrochloride Dispersible Tablets
ingredientthe main ingredient of this product is fluoxetine hydrochloride.
characterthis product is white or white.
IndicationsDepression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, neurotic bulimia (as an adjunct to psychotherapy to reduce bulimia and diarrhea)
dosageoral  administration .
Depression and obsessive compulsive disorder: recommended dose for adults and elderly is 20mg per day . If necessary, it can gradually increase to the maximum dosage of 60mg.
Depressive patients must be treated for at least 6 months to ensure their symptoms disappear.
Bulimia nervosa : the recommended dose for adults and elderly is 60mg per day.
packagingaluminum plastic packaging (12 pieces / board X1 board / box x240 box / box, 12 pieces / board x2 board / box x240 box / box).
validity period24 months
approval numberChinese medicine quasi character H20123161
Product advantages:
"Raw materials produced,  the first domestic imitation, the domestic exclusive dispersible tablet dosage form ".
The only domestic variety that has the same indication as the original research drug.
American FDA is the first antidepressant approved for the elderly.
Recommended by a number of authoritative guidelines at home and abroad, the first line of antidepressant medication
National Health Insurance B, multi province based medicine, NCMS.
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