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Commodity name Xin Shu
General-purpose nameIsosorbide Dinitrate Spary
ingredient the main ingredient of this product is isosorbide dinitrate .
character the product is colorless or almost colorless clarified liquid .
Indications For the prevention and treatment of various types of coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, especially for moderate and severe angina attack. When there are nervous, overtired and other factors inducing angina pectoris or presenting symptoms, early use of this product can prevent the onset of angina pectoris .
Specification 10ml:0.125g
usage and dosagefirst uncover the cap of the medicine bottle, and the spray valve is placed above. The vial is vertical, and the injection valve is pressed several times until the spray is uniform. If the shutdown time is longer, it is necessary to press the valve again until the spray is uniform. When the utility model is used, the spray nozzle is aligned to the mouth, pressing 4 presses to achieve an effective dose of 2.5mg.
packagingaluminum bottle packaging (1 bottles / boxes x160 boxes / boxes, 1 bottles / boxes X400 boxes / boxes).
validity period 36 months
approval number Chinese medicine quasi character H37022845
Product advantages:
Raw material production
Rapid onset, rapid onset in 5-10 seconds .
The effect lasted for more than 90 minutes .
Quantitative spray, no aerosol propellant, high safety .
Easy to use, portable and easy to operate .
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