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【Commodity name】Furuisi
【General-purpose name】Amlexanox paste
ingredientthe main ingredient of this product is ammonia.
characterthis product is white or white thick semi solid containing a large amount of solid powder.
IndicationsSuitable for the treatment of aphthous oral ulcer (recurrent oral ulcer) with normal immune system.
Specification(1) 2g:0.1g (2) 5g:0.25g
usage and dosageuse this product as much as possible when oral ulcers appear, 4 times a day for 3 days. The dosage should be covered by the ulcer surface.
packagingaluminum tube packing (1 boxes / boxes x240 boxes / boxes).
validity period36 months
approval numberChinese medicine quasi character H20050663
Product advantages:
Exclusive production of raw materials
Fast film forming, strong adhesion, effective coverage and protection of ulcer surface.
Fast pain relief, no hormones, no anesthetics, and good safety.
The only prescription for oral ulcer drugs approved by the US FDA.
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